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is nikonians.org official publication, the Nikonians community electronic magazine, eZine, for Nikon® photographers.
Published quarterly, it is available online, here. You may also want to check previous editions.

With over 1.8 million monthly visitors and more than 475,000 registered members from 170 countries, Nikonians is the premier photo community and the largest society of its kind. Friendly, reliable and informative, Nikonians foster sharing, learning and inspiring.

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#60 is the latest edition of our eZine THE NIKONIAN. For download, click here or on the cover image (26MB PDF file). You need Adobe's Acrobat® Reader to view it in your computer and/or print it. Choose Full Screen and/or "Fit Screen" view for better enjoyment.

The Nikonian eZine #60

  This latest edition of THE NIKONIAN features:

  • Editorial
  • Membership
  • 15th Anniversary ANPAT in the Fall Images
  • Basics of Panoramic and Mosaic Image Shooting by Ernesto Santos (esantos)
  • Meet Nikonians. An interview with Kathy Cavalaro (Cavy2), by Dan Wiedbrauk (domer2760)
  • Enhance your Book Library - NikoniansPress/RockyNook
  • New from Nikon
  • Calendar
  The Nikonian eZine #60 article

THE NIKONIAN is subscribed by more than 150,000 avid readers and over 300,000 passionate photographers are using it seeking technique, equipment and accessories advice.

There are many things happening in the world of Nikonians. To stay up-to-date on the latest Nikon products, receive thought-provoking community info, hard facts and events, make sure you subscribe to THE NIKONIAN.

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